9Anyone who says, “I am in the light,” while holding hatred in his heart toward a fellow believer is still in the darkness. | 1 John 2:9

There is so much going on in the world around us which results in a lot going on inside of us, as well.  We all have our own opinions about protesting, the pandemic – you get the picture.  We should take a moment for self-reflection.  Are we allowing hate in our hearts?  Well?  Are we?

John 2:9 I am in the LightLet’s reflect on today’s scripture.

“Anyone who says, ‘I am in the light,’ while holding hatred in his heart toward a fellow believer is still in the darkness.” 

Wait a minute, it says “toward a fellow believer.”  All people have a deep desire to know God whether they are aware of it now or not.  What about you and me?

We claim to believe in God (Father-Son-Spirit).  We claim to be followers of Jesus.  Do not present yourself as someone holding up and sharing the light if you have hatred in your heart for any person or group of people.  Sin is wrong.  Hatred is wrong.  Injustice is wrong.

Love is the answer.  Our loving Heavenly Father is all about love because HE is LOVE.


Father, help us to realize that we are immersed in love and that you are always with us in Jesus and help us to know that your Holy Spirit is in and around us always.  Look upon the turmoil of this world and what you do.  Cover it all in the LOVE that you are.  Bless this day.  Protect us and our families.  We come to you in the name of Jesus.


Pray for one another.

– Written by Rannie Childress, Pastor from Grace Ministries at Rapha