Programs Certified by the Substance Abuse Division of the Alabama Department of Mental Health

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation are very personal experiences.

For some, outpatient treatment can make all the difference.  Family Life Center offers a state-certified, outpatient program for substance abuse with eight locations in Alabama.

For others, either the severity of their addiction or external factors ranging from negative influences to abusive relationships can make outpatient services less effective. When the best course is for 24-hour care at a live-in facility where physical, spiritual, and life-skill needs can be addressed, then Family Life Center offers placement in one of two qualified facilities: Rapha Ministries or NewLife for Women.

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At Family Life Center, our treatment and counseling programs have been turning lives around for over 20 years.


Rapha Treatment Center

Rapha Treatment Center logoA drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility for men 18 years of age and older, Rapha Treatment Center is located at 677 W Covington Ave, Attalla, AL.  Rapha Treatment Center is a private, non-profit, state certified, faith-based drug and alcohol treatment program. Low and high intensity residential services are offered on the same campus where a phased program approach allows for up to one year of continuous residential recovery.

Learn more by visiting the Rapha Treatment Center webpages.

NewLife for Women

NewLife for Women is a drug and alcohol treatment center located at 102 Centurion Way Gadsden, AL

The facility offers long-term, intensive, faith-based, experiential treatment, including individualized rehabilitation planning and therapy, group counseling, and family support services. Length of stay is based on the clinical needs of the individual and her progression through a 3-phased treatment program. Designed for the needs of addicted women, NewLife helps them to restore their self-respect and self-worth.

Learn more by visiting the NewLife for Women website.


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At Family Life Center, our treatment and counseling programs have been turning lives around for over 20 years.
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