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Anonymous Stories of Recovery Shared with Us:

At one time in my life, I battled with addiction. To keep a long story short and simple. My addiction was ugly and at times landed me in places that I did not want to be in. I burnt bridges, I hurt people. I hurt my family. I was incarcerated for many years. It’s not something I am proud about but I also believe we make choices in life and God lets us makes those choices because he knows when we come out of the darkness and into the light we will have one heck of a story to tell people so hopefully they don’t choose to go down the same path.

I can remember my last days in addiction. I was in a hotel room. I had just taken everything I had hoping I wasn’t going to wake up. Later, When I did wake up. I turned on my phone, I saw text messages from people who were worried about me, and I had a text from my mother that said “Just let me know you are Ok” Being an addict you have all this shame, this pain, this guilt. How could this woman still want to help me after all I put her through? I was asking myself all these questions, and I just said to myself “You know what I don’t want to die. I am going to surrender and take direction and give life another chance. So, with the help of a Drug Court program and some amazing people in my life I can say that I am truly blessed to be alive today.

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Stories of Recovery Shared With Us

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